• Boetmann Solar Borehole / Submersible Pump – 210W 80m

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    The HRI solar borehole range are manufactured with a permanent magnet, brush-less motor technology that generates better efficiency and performance. This product is ideal for application in remote arid areas with limited or unreliable power supply. The compact and lightweight design, ensures that these units are suitable for mobile applications.

    Permanent magnet, brush-less motor, saving energy and offering maximum efficiency.
    NSK bearing with alloy mechanical seal.
    Intelligent water shortage protection.
    MPPT function offers higher utilization rate of solar energy.
    Automatic Stop | Start.
    Soft start protection.
    Over current protection.
    Max Water Submersion Depth : 50m
    Max Flow: 1600L/h
    Max Head: 75m
    Pump Isolation IP68
    Motor Speed 500 – 4000rpm
    Discharge 20mm
    Power 210 watt
    Voltage DC24

    Water Delivery litre per hour @ head hight:
    0m – 1600l/h
    18m – 1500l/h
    30m – 1250l/h
    43m – 1000l/h
    55m – 750l/h
    65m – 500l/h
    75m – 250l/h